Sailing Experience

This is a (incomplete) summary of the ocean sailing experience that I have. -Major Weber II

This trip was in early 1991.  My parents purchased a 38' C&C Landfall Sail boat in the Virgin Islands (in Redhook harbor).  My father, one of his friends (Chuck) one of my friends (Matt Gilhousen) and myself flew into St. Thomas, U.S.V.I. with one-way tickets and sailed out of Redhook harbor two days later.

We had a problem with one of the batteries and sailed into the Dominican Republic and bought a new one from some locals.

We sailed into Kingston harbor and docked at the Morgan Harbour Marina in Port Royal.  We rented a car and I drove us across Jamaica to Ocho Rios where we got a hotel room for the night.  We walked Dunn's River Falls and made our way back to Kingston.

We sailed to Georgetown, Grand Cayman.  Swam with stingrays, etc.  Chuck flew home from here.

The 3 of us sailed on to the United States.  We lost a stay on the sailboat and notified the Coast Guard of a possible serious problem.  They went ahead and sent a jet out to take a peek and make sure we were alright!

We made landfall in Louisiana and Matt grabbed a cab to the airport and flew to Indianapolis to see the big race!

My father and I took the intra-coastal pretty much the rest of the way back to Clear Lake, Texas (by way of Galveston Bay, next to Houston).  I then lived on the boat in Clear Lake, Texas for another year.

This trip took 1 month to complete.

This is the trip in 1992-1993 where my parents had sold their house and we were taking a little vacation for 10-11 months.  I had just turned 22.

We left Texas and sailed to Florida starting in September of 1992.

We left the Florida Keys and crossed over to the Bahamas and made our way down the Exumas to Georgetown, Bahamas.

We left from San Salvador, Bahamas out into the Atlantic and down to San Juan, Puerto Rico.

We made our way over to the U.S. Virgin Islands and the B.V.I.'s.

Next we headed down to Nevis, St. Kitts, Montserrat, Guadalupe, Dominica, Antigua, St. Bart's.

To get to Dominica (my southern-most point on this trip) takes about 5 months.

Eventually we made our way back up the island chain to the south side of Puerto Rico, then the north side of the Dominican Republic.

Our next stop was in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Then we were back in the beautiful Bahamas and made our way back to Florida.

We made landfall in the U.S. just north of Ft. Lauderdale and worked our way up the coast to Washington, D.C.  This last half of the trip takes another 5 months.

These 3 trips totaled more than 8,000 miles of sailing on the open ocean.